Lavender Wishes

Lavender Wishes is elegant, and classic. This floral arrangement gives off a feeling of understated grace and sophistication. It includes spray stock flowers, spray roses, wax flowers, and hyacinth. This delicate arrangement is perfectly pieced together in a clear, round glass vase including spray stock flowers, spray roses, wax flowers and hyacinth all tied together with a beautiful sheer ribbon. The stock flower symbolizes contentment and a happy life. The spray roses represent love, passion, and heart. The wax flowers express wealth in love and life. Hyacinth reflects sincerity and playfulness. These flowers come together to symbolize love that is happy, sincere, and playful.Lavender Wishes combines a variety if purples that bring grace and gentleness. This arrangement is a good gift idea when you want to show someone that you truly love them. It is also a good idea when you want to wish someone cheer and wealth in love and in all aspects of their life.
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Upgrading Your Gift

The floral arrangement you have chosen may be upgraded by one of our designers:

Classic – A bouquet that is designed as similar as possible to the one pictured.

Deluxe – An upgraded bouquet that includes more flowers in the style and colour of the original design. These bouquets appear fuller than those pictured.

Extraordinary – A substantially upgraded bouquet that includes even more flowers in the style and colour of the original design. These arrangements will often contain more expensive flowers and an upgraded container when possible.

Plants and Dish Garden upgrades will be larger, contain more plants and be placed in a more decorative container, when available.

Upgraded Fruit, Gourmet and Gift Baskets will be larger than those pictured, contain a greater number of items and will be designed to reflect the additional value.

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